Adding Glitter Wall Paint

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Paint colors let you customize your home, but you can go a step further by adding glitter wall paint. The brightness gives your room a glowing attractive effect when sunlight hits the walls. Although you can add shine directly into the painting, experts in the field recommend other methods, such as applying a glossy clear coat to achieve a better effect. Alternative methods ensure that it is seen, rather than drown in the color of the paint.

Step by step to adding glitter wall paint. Make Purchase bright paint additives, available in paint or hardware stores. Avoid the brightness of craftsmanship that will sink into the paint and will not be on the walls. Stir the brightness inside the paint using a rod. Pour a small amount of paint on a tray.

Refrain from pouring much of a time in the tray as if no brightness could sink into the bottom of the tray, which would result in an uneven application. Stir again before pouring paint over it in the tray to maintain a uniform brightness distribution. Use a roller to apply paint to the walls shine in even strokes. Wait at least three to four hours between to apply more layers, and now you can enjoy glitter wall paint.

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