Aligning Corners Linen Curtain Panels

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Flat linen curtain panels are one of the simplest, most versatile window treatments you can do. They can be sewn in under an hour, depending on size and style of the curtain, and aligning the corners is not difficult to sew the rest of the panels. Use curtains clips, O-rings or tabs to fix a curtain rod. Add a property held to the wall to pull them back during the day, or simply push them open and let hang naturally value.

Pre-wash fabric linen curtain panel if washable. Pre-washing removes the sizing, which is a chemical coating on the fabric, and the fabric is slightly reduced; when the curtains wash in the future, they will not decrease.  Cut the fabric linen curtain panels’ fabric and lining size. Fold 2-inch hem at the bottom of the curtain panel. Iron the hem, and sew with a straight stitch on a sewing machine.

Place the two linen curtain panels of fabric with their right sides together, and pin in place. The “right” inside the room will face when the curtains are hung. Sew the three raw edges – top and sides – together. Short cut a 1/4-inch in the corners of the curtains, but do not cut through the seams. Cutouts allow the corners to lay flat.

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