Amazing Indoor Garden Design

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Bathroom Indoor Garden Design

Indoor garden design – Having a green space at home is wonderful. And we are not talking about interior patios, but small natural oases that can be of many sizes and styles. You do not need a big house to design one, you just need to know well the corners with which you have and great ideas that we have wanted to select for you. Now you have no excuse not to invade your house of nature! The first example points out ways. It is an authentic garden tucked into the house, with a palm tree included and bamboo trunks.

If your house has the necessary characteristics, such as good natural lighting, high ceilings and sufficient surface, why not opt ​​for this option? If you want to get a garden at home that gives you peace, yours is an indoor garden design in oriental style. In it, the soil of stones and gravel is fundamental, as well as the sound of water and a great variety of plants.

A very careful style is the other key to success. The staircase is another ideal place to locate your indoor garden design. The stairwell is usually a place that is not used at all, so you can fill it with plants that grow in height. This, apart from endowing your house with much joy, will increase the perception of the height of the space.

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