Antique Maple Bedroom Furniture

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Old maple bedroom furniture was largely made in colonial America during the century’s 18:17 former. Board was plentiful and then colonialists saw the advantage of working with him. Maple is strong, resistant to cracking, smooth as polished and has a decorative grain. The oldest furniture board room has simple lines as well as the country-style furniture of charm. Antique and vintage reproductions add a note for today’s interiors.

There are several types of maples used in maple bedroom furniture. One of the best known is curly or tiger maple. Besides it, maple-picture is the rarest and most expensive board used in bedroom furniture. It is considered a luxury in the world of wood.

Old maple bedroom furniture should be purchased carefully. Maple furniture made before 1860 was not machined. Authenticity verification should include a check of dovetail joints, small triangular units affixing dives. Is handmade, the joints will be a little irregular. Furniture finishing must be shellac; lacquers and varnishes were used after the mid-1800s dives in great detail, as bedposts and time, should also be a bit irregular. Only machined parts are perfect.

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