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Antique Of Sunburst Wall Mirror

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Vintage Sunburst Wall Mirror

Sunburst wall mirror – The sunburst mirror is a classic that fits very well in environments and classic interiors. It appeared in the 17th century because the king of France, Louis XIV, was a lover of the arts, as evidenced in many things he did. At that time, in his court, had several theatrical productions and one of them, ballet of the night, appeared this symbol of the sun, he liked it so much that adopted as its coat.

In the bathrooms, the use of antique mirrors brings grandeur. We may use spare parts or use them to line the walls. Signs of wear on the parts give the great charm. One of the most beautiful compositions with antique mirrors is made with mirrors sun-shaped or “sunburst wall mirror “. They are unique and decorative parts that can be used in any environment.

Antique sunburst wall mirror are also super charming in the rooms where they can be placed on the bed, replacing a possible painting. The use of antique mirrors over vanities, buffets and furniture with specific functions brings personality to the environment and can make the mobile becoming the center of attention of the house.

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