Arched Window Treatments DIY

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Arched windows are architectural accents that add curves homes otherwise dominated by rectangles. Homeowners often refrain from trying arched window so they remain as visible design elements. However, arched window treatments are sometimes necessary to block out light and add privacy or decorative purposes. Arched windows try to maintain, rather than hide, forms, using flexible curtain rods curved. From the bar, handmade curtains hanging properly preferred fabric.

Instructions to DIY arched window treatments: screw rod clips inside frames arched windows. Screw a clip each at the bottom, where the ends of the bar will sit. Additional screw clips every 10-12-inch.

Cut pieces of fabric for curtains. Cut pieces to the width of the windows in addition to 14-18-inch to accommodate clustering and side hems. Determine the desired length curtains. Cinch curtains in the lower centers of the arches and the “tails” side road can hang out the window, just below the window or all the way to the floor. Add 7-inch to allow rod pockets and hem.

Press 1/2-inch folds in the side curtain. Fold again and press 1-inch hems. Sew along the folds of half-inch. Press 1/2-inch fold on the tops. Fold and press again curtain pockets 3-inch. Sew along the folds of half-inch. Press 1/2-inch folds in the curtain background. Fold again and press hems 4-inch. Sew along the folds of half-inch.

Slide curtain rods curtain pockets and even out of the folds, double curtain rods to fit the arc shapes and fit them in the screw-in clips.

Finally, to DIY arched window treatments, gather and unite matching curtains points below the arch forms. Choose a joining method best home design and decoration suits. Options include loose knots, ribbon, decorative cord, beaded chains, and ornamental clips, strips of satin and metal rings.

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