Attractive Carpet Tiles For Basement

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Hello guys! Today, we will speak about carpet tiles for basement. As name implies, carpet tiles are squares of carpet, about 18 to 20 square centimeters, depending on manufacturer. They come in a variety of textures, colors and media. Installing carpet tiles in your basement is as easy and simple as installing any other room in house.
Measure length and width of basement and multiply to calculate square footage you want to cover. Calculate number of boxes that will need to cover floor. Table carpet tiles must specify number of square feet covering its contents. Locate center of basement – this where start placing carpet tiles for basement. Snap chalk line to establish a line on ground. Do same with opposite diagonal corners. Measure to find centers of opposite walls and draw a chalk line or execute a chain of centers of opposite walls, making a grid on floor.
Place full lining along chalk line or string that goes from center of wall to center wall. Adhere tile floor of basement according to manufacturer’s instructions. Most often you simply remove backing on tile, revealing adhesive and place tile on floor. Maintain extra tiles hand carpet tiles for basement to replace dirty or damaged or change the color scheme by replacing some existing tiles with other different colors.

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