Attractive Fall Flower Garden Season

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Fall Flower Garden Child

A fall flower garden is grown with flowers that only attract butterflies. The butterflies feel attracted to the large, colorful and fragrant flowers such as purple coneflower, calendula, lavender, and hibiscus. The butterflies are attracted by the fragrance of the flowers in the garden and congregate around them, since it becomes their source of nourishment, not only for them but also for the eggs that they put in these plants.
The fall flower garden is colorful and aromatic in nature, but if you want more decoration consider adding butterfly ornaments in the space. A seasonal garden is a garden that is planted with the intention of having color all year. You should research the plants that can be grown in your area and your requirements in order to successfully plant a seasonal garden.
You will want to choose the same number of flowers that bloom in the spring, summer and fall to design a seasonal garden. Sow seasonal fall flower garden equally spaced throughout the garden, so the whole area receives explosions of colors throughout the year. If you want color during the winter, select a few perennials, perennials do not lose their leaves or color come winter time.

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