Awesome Front Garden Ideas

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Front Garden Ideas Plan

Front garden ideas – A garden is not limited to the backyard. Planting a garden in the front yard will create more visual appeal for visitors. Dedicate an area to plant a small garden. Options include under the front windows or the outer borders of the driveway in front. A garden can include flowers, herbs or even vegetables. Choose plants that grow in the area where you live. For example, if you live in Arizona, select a variety of herbs such as mint, rosemary and thyme to include in your garden. Or, if you live in New York or other eastern states, choose boxwood shrubs or butterfly bushes, as both can survive a cold winter.
When planning your front garden ideas choose a theme. Do not plant roses and vegetables next to each other. However, you can designate certain sections of your yard for specific plants. For example, plant your herbs together in a row and keep all your vegetables separately. If you like flowers or shrubs, you can plant them in a row along your driveway or nearby.
Plant rose bushes in several places in your front garden ideas. If you need easy access to other areas of your garden, plant the shrubs along the front wall of your house or walkway. However, you can also plant along the border in front of your yard or scatter your rose bushes in several places in front of your house.

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