Basement Window Well Covers

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Amazing Basement Window Well Covers

Basement window well covers – They prevent that you water coming around the cellar window. If the Foundation is built with concrete blocks, window well firmly joined to the concrete block wall to prevent water from entering the window well and subsequently, that filters in around the window. An appropriately sized window well is required for an effective control of the water around the cellar window. If the previous window well failed to prevent water from entering the well, you can have incorrectly been size.

Remove the floor in front of the basement window well covers to the ground a foot under the window frame. Measure the distance from the bottom of the soil excavated to the ground level. Make sure that the replacement window well is 6 inches above the ground level so the replacement window height must be the depth required with an additional 6 inches to the height. Replacement window must be 6 inches wider than the window. Measure the window and add 6 inches to the width to make sure that you buy a window of the proper width of the replacement window well.

Proper drainage of the basement window well covers is necessary to prevent water from accumulating in the window also. Remove six extra inches of soil from the area below the window and are filled with 6 inches of gravel. Replacement window will also have holes to set the window to the wall of the Foundation. Place the window in position and use a pencil to mark the location of each hole in the window against the concrete block Foundation.

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