Bathroom Mirror Frames Ideas

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Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Bathroom mirror frames is usually the last thing that comes to people’s mind when decorating a bathroom. It really underestimated by the homeowners even some people realize it after they has been using the bathroom for a few weeks. They think, “We have great toilets, tubs, sinks, vanity, countertop, and lighting, but why it still doesn’t feel right?” I tell you why, where is the mirror frame? Most people just put up a plain mirror on their bathroom with ugly plastic clips that are holding the mirror to the wall. The plain mirror is really disturbing, and you need bathroom mirror frames to beautify the look of your bathroom.

This is why, many people share the DIY instruction to frame a bathroom mirror in an easy way. You only need the baseboard moulding, miter saw, measuring tape, paint, paint brush, caulk, Liquid Nails and caulk gun. You can find those supplies easily at the home renovation store. Although there are a lot of instruction to frame the bathroom mirror by yourself, but first you must determine which bathroom mirror frames style you want. The easiest is to adjust the color of your bathroom vanity to get a cohevise look.

If you still have a budget, you can buy framed bathroom mirrors that are available in various designs and sizes. One of my favorites is the handmade glass mosaic tile mirror. Typically they come in sky blue, turquoise, sea green, and teal color scheme. It is very beautiful and will freshen up your bathroom. Round mosaic tile mirror will be very suitable to be placed in a tiny bathroom. Talk about the round mirror, a design similar to the sun or sunburst is the most popular. There are so many contemporary styles that feature cool metal touches. It will complement the silver sink and faucet on your modern bathroom. I hope you will find plenty of inspiration. If you have favorite bathroom mirror frames, share with us on the comments section below.

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