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Before Staining Hardwood Floors Clean With

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Staining hardwood floors may be one of the skills that are easily learned by most wood flooring contractor. Perhaps the most common problems when the time coloring. Therefore the coloring is not an easy thing to do, it does require special skills.
So in this article we will provide information about staining hardwood floors. If you want to prevent staining problems, then make sure to remember that you should start with the floor sanded. Staining quality can only come with the quality of sanding. Next, use a vacuum with the brush head to clean the floor. Check the moisture in your floor before you start coloring.
The next step for the staining hardwood floors is doing equalization on the floor, and then uses a cloth or lamb’s wool applicator. You can also squirt some stains on the floor using a spray bottle. Spread with a white pad when you use water based stains. Buffing is no longer recommended. If you water-appear, and then make sure that you are running only on the areas that you have tarnished. This is so that you will not destroy the wheat on the parts that have not been tainted. Do the opposite and you could end up with uneven coloring on your floor.

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