Beneficial Engineered Hardwood Flooring

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If you are looking for the classic style of wood flooring, but want a stronger and easy to install option, consider engineered hardwood flooring. Do not let the name bothers you, this type of floor are real wood, it is only made in a different way. Basically, the engineered wood floor has several thin layers of wood diagonally armed with a center of plywood.
This soft center and diagonal make the engineered hardwood flooring is stronger and durable. Being pre-finished, also Installation is quick and simple. It’s easier and faster to install than conventional wood floor. They are Resists more moisture. Since this sanding and sealing, so it can be used right after installation. Shrinks and expands less than conventional wood. It has the same classic style and warm wood. It is stronger against shocks and marks wood floors.
What are disadvantages of engineered hardwood flooring? Be careful with manufacturers as some brands are of poor quality and breakfast. You can only be refinished once or twice. Not resistant in areas of high humidity, such as basements or bathrooms. Care: Barre and aspires followed. Use plastic sheeting for furniture and chairs to protect the floor from scratches. Clean the floor with a special cleaner for wood. Do not use oils or waxes. Avoid direct sunlight.

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