Beneficial Floating Hardwood Floor

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Floating hardwood floor is those homes whose final layer consists of a laminate of natural wood. They are artificial option to solid wood floor. Become an ecological choice because of its low use of natural wood. If layer of wood is thick enough they can be polished and laminated to 5 times.
Floating hardwood floor are an excellent choice when you want to reform without going into great works. These floors are placed without nailing, without screwing without hitting ground. This is a type of floor that is supported on any smooth, firm, dry surface by means of a fit between tables. These floors have a thickness of between 8 and 15 millimeters, making them perfect to be placed without lifting current floor. To prevent small drops and reduce noise, they rest on a blanket polystyrene. They come from factory with its own socket and do not need polishing or plastic. Floor is ready for use immediately after placement.
Market offers a variety of these apartments as they may find them in different degrees of hardness and abrasion resistance. We also have a wide range of colors and imitation wood grain. They also offer other advantages as being resistant to wear, stains, scratches and burns. Another key feature of floating hardwood floor is that it is an organic product made from renewable natural materials.

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