Best Carriage Style Garage Doors

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A car door style often features paneled windows near the top of the door hinges and elaborate old world style. Traditional transport doors are designed to open from the center, but many modern carriage style garage doors are constructed more like conventional garage, with multiple panels that bend articulated on a curve, while raised in the garage. Some windows and some fake imitation painted hinges, you can transform your conventional garage door in a beautiful carriage door style.

Clean the area where you are going to paint the door windows. Use a brush and soapy water. Tape outside the borders paneled windows with masking tape. The easiest way is rectangles grouped in fours, with a cross of equal arms between. Measure the distance between each window and the distance between the windows end and sides of the garage door. This will ensure that the windows are evenly spaced and centered on the carriage style garage doors.

Paint carriage style garage doors windows forms recorded with primer and wait for the primer to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Paint over the primer with black, high gloss paint. Allow the paint to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and then paint a second layer over the first. Use a wide, flat brush or a paint roller.

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