Best Engineered Hardwood Floors

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Engineered hardwood floors are a flooring coating each board is mounted in several layers, top layer consists of a natural hardwood specific. Rolling process in production of engineered wood floors creates a more stable floor covering can be installed in almost any area of home.
Best engineered hardwood floors are constructed with 5 to 12 layers of wood which are placed in plywood, glued and pressed together. plywood mean that one layer has senses of wood fiber in one direction and other layer in another direction so that effort of wood work (a natural movement of wood always has) is averaged and It makes engineered flooring are much more stable than solid hurts.
core or center of engineered flooring is usually some type soft pine wood. Russia and Chile are most famous exporters such centers floor. Upper floor carries a hardwood veneer that may have a thickness ranging from 0.8mm to 6mm, which depends on quality and manufacturer of floor.
Hardwood floors are a good investment for your home; it gives greater added value to your property. Selection of an engineered floor makes no difference in this respect is same goodwill. An additional benefit to using an engineered floor is its ecological value. A much more efficient use of wood is made and pine forests are growing much faster than forests of precious woods. It is important to note that an engineered floor is a laminate floor, as latter has plastics and artificial elements that an engineered hardwood floors no longer has to use only natural raw material that is wood

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