Best Window Treatments For Arched Windows

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Window treatments for arched windows – Although windows of elegant arc without any treatment at all, most people want a little privacy in all its windows. Some owners use the standard window treatments and ignore the bow, but they are losing the best feature of the window. There are several options out there for beautiful window treatments that look flattering curve of her window. Buy a loaf flexible curtains that follows the shape of the upper window, and she spent long panels. Since the panels are cut straight, fall into a smooth arc that mimics the curve of the window.

Attach hooks decorative molding around the window treatments for arched windows or on the wall just above him. Thing rings curtains hanging curtains and hooks. You’ll have a simple and elegant appearance when the fabric falling in graceful folds. For hooks, use rosettes plaster or wood painted to coordinate with your room. You can also buy regular hooks for a more casual look.

Above the arch with a pleated border. Simply install hooks at the ends of the upper window treatments for arched windows. In the center of the window, adding another hook that is a few centimeters higher than the hooks on the end. Attach your border, and will echo the curved arc.

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