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Blinds For Sliding Glass Doors

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Blinds for sliding glass doors – Sliding glass doors, two sliding glass panels, creating a large window in the area in which they are installed. Because of this, privacy curtains or simply want to decrease the penetration of light in the room. Curtains are also used as mere decoration without the option to cover the door to provide privacy and light blockage.

A large curtain made of one fabric panel provides privacy and functional light blockage. Several different fabrics are useful for creating single panel blinds for sliding glass doors, usually hanging from a broker aluminum 2-4 inches above the sliding glass door. Medium thickness light fabrics provide barrier privacy while still allowing some penetration of light through the door. A heavy fabric provides complete privacy and light blockage. The curtain panel only provides a solid barrier on the sliding glass door compared to other options that may only cover part of the door.

Double panel curtains or curtains hanging from each side of the door offer functionality with design opportunities. Dual panel blinds for sliding glass doors are typically installed in a corridor of aluminum above the door, allowing the curtains varying distances from the sides of the door to slide. Dual panel curtains are made of many materials but generally are made of heavy fabric to provide the option of complete privacy and light blocking.

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