Blomus Door Stop On The Wall

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Usually we tend to place caps on the floor of our homes to prevent the doors hit the wall. In this briconsejo of Bricomanía we are going to teach how to place stops door in the wall to avoid damaging the wall of our home. Step by step to place blomus door stop on the wall. The model by which we have opted this time consists of two parts will locate in the socket and in the door, respectively. After checking at what point should we place, we present the plate in the socket and tirafondeamos. Now we can screw the cap on the base. Inmantada put the piece on top of the pedestal and approached the door to determine the point at which we must secure the other element forming the stop.

We put the plate in the reference that we have marked on the door and look with some screws. We screw the blomus door stop and we will have finished the job, so we can assume the two surfaces protected. This system will also allow us, thanks to the magnet, hold the door while avoid strokes and banging in case there drafts. You can try to install blomus door stop on the wall now.

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