Build Raised Bed Garden Design

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Stylish Raised Bed Garden Design

Raised bed garden design is a popular way to plant flowers and vegetables in a yard with poor soil or a weed problem. Because the beds are built on top of the ground and filled with purchased dirt, the plants can get the right nutrients and avoid competition with weeds, rocks, tree roots and the soil is very full. Garden raised beds are cheaper if they are made with discount materials.

Many raised bed garden design have walls that are 2 inches thick and 12 inches high. However, most plants can grow on only 6 inches of soil. If you are growing root vegetables, build a pair of raised beds that are 12 inches deep just for these plants; the rest of their raised beds can be 6 inches deep. Also, if you buy wood for the construction of beds, consider using boards that are 1 inch thick, which is less expensive than 2-inch wood and is likely to last all the time.

Consider building only a few large raised bed garden design instead of many smaller ones. Two small high beds, each 2 feet wide and 4 feet long, can look pretty, but use a lot of materials, considering the limited space they create: 16 square feet of space requires 24 feet of materials to enclose. If you have used the same 24 feet of material to make a large bed raised that, 4 feet wide and 8 feet long, it’s d create 32 square feet of space for planting. Try to avoid raised beds of wider construction than 4 feet, which makes it difficult to get to the plants in the center of the space.

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