Butcher Block Kitchen Island Advantages

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Butcher Block Kitchen Island Ideas

Butcher block kitchen island is one of the popular selection for the island table top. The butcher block itself usually made from an assembled of walnut or sugar maple or teak woods. In my opinion the butcher block made prepping food more exciting. I guess the natural color of the wood is gave you that feeling to cook or serve the meal pleasantly. Is it quite important, I suppose, that the kitchen island should had that feeling. Because it is a gathering spot where family or kids could see all the kitchen activities. The kitchen island is also the center of attention, so with the butcher block as the surface, it could be contrasting with the whole kitchen furniture. That’s what I belive will make it look fabolous.


There are another advantages if you choose a butcher block kitchen island as the surface for your island top. It doesn’t need to many maintenance. Yes, sometimes after cooking or prepping the meal we still have to clean up everything, but a butcher block do’nt require other treatment then a simple wipe. Unlike the marble or granite, it require routine maintenanceand sealing. It is needed both for food safety and for aesthetic reasons. So, if you prefer it less attention the butcher block kitchen island is the perfect option.


Beside the butcher block kitchen island as the island top, there are some other things that I assumed really important. That is the seating and the lighting. The seating for kitchen island require space to make it flow and a comfortable space. Afterwards the lighting will make a safety work area. The kitchen island could be a really nice place to start your day in the kitchen. A place where you can entertain your family or guest while doing your job. And yet you will never get tired of it with your wonderful butcher block island table top.


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