Carbonized Bamboo Flooring Reviews

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Carbonized Bamboo Flooring Planks

Carbonized bamboo flooring is a type of floor with carbon finishing. Offering dark amber color on the surface similar to the color of young teak. Typically, bamboo floors are available in two colors: natural and carbon or caramelize.
Carbonized bamboo flooring is obtain through a process call carbonization. The longer the process, the darker the bamboo floor. The dark color on the bamboo floor is obtain. When the bamboo undergoes pressure heating, which is part of the process. During pressure warming, the sugar content. In the fiber becomes dark and reaches a color coffee tone on the surface. However, this pressure heating can weaken the bamboo floor from 20% to 30%.
If newly cut pieces of bamboo are carbonic within two hours and are not expos to treatment with boiling water. The rate of profit is 8% harder. Boiling water treatment, however, is use in normal carbonization processes. Carbonized bamboo flooring available in two varieties. Vertical carbon bamboo floor and horizontally carbon bamboo floor. The difference lies in the straightening of bamboo strips. Carbon bamboo flooring is not use in places with heavy traffic such as shopping complexes or office buildings. This type of floor is most suitable for use in residential buildings. Error handling this floor can cause scratches and tinkle on the surface. Proper and timely maintenance is require for carbonate bamboo flooring.

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