Caring Dupioni Silk Curtains

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Prewashed poly dupioni silk curtains in the washing machine before cutting the fabric to sew. Use mild detergent and cold water. Hang dry cloth, and avoid the emission of an electric dryer or in direct sunlight. Do not twist or wring dupioni silk curtains. Dry cleaning Dupioni silk garments or curtains that have not been pre-washed, and do not ever groped to recycle things. Dupioni silk fabric will be reduced to 12 percent.

Pin moderation dupioni silk curtains during sewing, such as pins may leave marks on the fabric. Place the pin where the signals are not displayed after the item has been completed. Hang silk overnight to remove wrinkles, as dupioni dupioni rarely needs to be pressed. If necessary, press the silk on the wrong side, using a cool iron.

Do not use sprays or steam consult a dry cleaner if the silk dupioni poles spot.? Attempting to remove the same stain with water or cleaning chemicals can damage the fabric. Dupioni fabric store in a good air circulation drawer, closet or cabinet where the fabric will be. Dupioni storage tissue for a long period of time, the tissue in a cotton pillowcase. Avoid storing plastic fabric.

Tips Dupioni Silk Curtains for Fancy Window

As we all know, the interior with curtains transform any room from the cold and boring to the cozy and luxurious. When it comes to new curtains, it’s a lot to think about, such as color, fabric, length and more.
It can be easy to feel overwhelmed with so many different factors. Therefore composed some tips here for you who wants to renew at home with stylish curtains.

The Choice of Color and Fabric

When to buy curtains, the choice of fabric what you think of first. What then select all the thousands of fabrics out there?
First, consider in which room the curtain to hang. Thin fabrics may be sirlande and beautiful in the example kitchen but in the bedroom they do not fit. Where suitable blackout thick curtain types velvet and preferably with sound-insulating fabric.

Sun and Color

The sun makes the fabric sadly fade with time. If the room gets a lot of sun, it might be a good idea to avoid bright colored fabrics as these have a tendency to fade more quickly than those with dark colors. White curtains, however, is a safe bet when they hardly gets brighter 🙂
If it is difficult to choose the color, it’s always smart to choose something neutral as neutral colors always works with any kind of decor and furnishings.


Material-wise, linen, silk, polyester and velvet the very best options for curtains. Polyester may not be as luxurious as genuine silk but is the material that is most sustainable, especially in a sunny room. Used silk directly in the window forget for all, not to line the curtain where silk easily be destroyed by strong sunlight.
Is the room cold, minimalist the choice of curtain fabric make all the difference and help with the isolation of sound from outside. It is no coincidence that most hotels use rich fabrics like velvet, weave, tweed or because their weight blocks light and sound and retains heat.

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