Characteristics Of Modernist Garden Design

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Materials To Create Modernist Garden Design

Modernist garden design, unlike traditional and ancient gardens. It has different shapes and designs that make them true works of contemporary art. The main feature that we are presented with modern gardens is the expansion of the margins. And the diversity of elements used for the development of the type of gardens. Generally, classical forms are used, with established design canons, but with repetitive but successful combinations.
The elements that can be used in modernist garden design are numerous. For example we can use shrubs, plants such as vines, flowering, and trees. Or simply the usual vegetation of any garden. However, by complementing nature with certain forms and qualities we achieve a very good environment decorated in a modern way. Which gives the special touch to this type of places. Keep in mind that the elements of nature can be mixed with elements created by human beings.
Such as fountains, ponds, roads, among others, that can positively influence the garden and the design we are preparing. It is very important that when designing this type of modernist garden design, we work on the aspects that most interest us. Trying to achieve a space and a pleasant and peaceful environment. Where we can not only enjoy nature in a harmonious way but also enjoying elements. Like water, rock, earth, and other elements that generate a very nice and pleasant atmosphere.

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