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Weathered Wood Shingles Style

Do I paste, or can I put it resolved?  Tarkett vinyl flooring must usually not glue, but can be fixed on top of the old flooring. (If you remove the old flooring, however, one must always Hillier coating.) Many of our vinyl flooring available in 2, 3 and 4 meters wide. If you choose a sufficiently broad coating, release to join the floor. If you get a hit coating, fixates you joint with adhesive which is resistant to aging (or it may discolor coating). Moreover, the joint sealed with welding liquid. This is so that it will be close between courts and not be a bad dirt rand. For detailed information, see installation instructions.
The easiest way is to choose tarkett vinyl flooring with sufficient width (available up to 4 meters wide), so as to avoid the joints completely. If you should happen to have the deed, then add paths with approx. 1 cm overlap and adjust the paths in length so that the pattern matches. Before the joint is cut, all the air during coating brushed away, and you must remove any tensions that have arisen during installation. Starting from the center and brush toward the edges. Then make an incision in the edge surplus in two or three places to see that the pattern fits. Next, cut one through both paths. It is important to keep the blade straight. Use knife with a straight blade. For further information and pictures of the laying elements, see
Tarkett vinyl flooring in residential environment should normally not be altered (see warranty). On the other hand occurs naturally wear and scratch the floor. Vinyl flooring is durable, but cannot tolerate anything. They can be damaged by migrations (rubber wheels, toys, stained furniture legs etc.), incorrect cleaning methods or various chemical products.

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