Choosing Succulent Garden Ideas

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Amazing Succulent Garden Ideas

Succulent garden ideas – With Bluetooth in your ear and email at hand, you’re lucky you catch a scent of them when you compete on your way to the next meeting. Solution? A scented garden you can enjoy in your down time. With the right plants and a little garden know-how, you can create your own fragrant oasis in the middle of your own back yard.

Pay attention to where you live

Your location on the map means a lot in the garden world. A succulent garden ideas that you would plant in Bath differs from a man to plant in Glasgow. “If anyone lives dictates what kind of plants grow in this environment, what time of year you will have smell and what time of year you will be out,” says Louise Hodges, a landscape designer with 20 years of experience.

Decide what you want from your fragrant garden

Before deciding on all plants, ask yourself what you hope to get out of your succulent garden ideas. “Do you want a garden with just flowers or aromatic foliage, too?” Hodges bath. “Is there anything you want for a walk in the garden, or do you hope to have cut flowers inside too?” There are hundreds of plants you can choose from, all with different strength and aroma. Many plants, such as highly fragrant hyacinths here, make a statement in the garden or in the house as cut flowers.

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