How To Cover Asbestos Floor Tiles

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Amazing Asbestos Floor Tiles

Asbestos floor tiles can pose a major health risk in homes built before 1980. Any damage to the tiles can release asbestos fibers into the air where they can inhale and cause serious illness. However, removing the asbestos floor tiles to be even more dangerous. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency recommends to cover asbestos tiles instead of removing them. One way to ensure coverage of an old asbestos tile floor is with self-adhesive floor tiles.
Check tile cartons to find areas of tiles per box. Divide the total square meters is expected in the last stage of square tiles in each box to find out how many boxes of tiles you need to cover the asbestos floor tiles. Add 10% for waste and the future replacement. Example, each box covers 15 square feet of floor.
Your total space required is 159 square feet. Add 10% to 159 in order to get the total amount of asbestos floor tiles needed. In this case, you need 175 square feet of tile. Divide 175 by 15, the number of square feet to each carton cover, for a total of 11.66, so you need 12 boxes of floor tiles to cover the floor and the tiles left for future repairs and replacements. Clean the floor with a de-greasing cleaner to prepare the floor to accept the adhesive on the new tile.

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