Craftsman Style Front Doors

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Craftsman architecture uses simple designs and natural materials lined straight for visual quality that appeals to the sensibilities of the working class, but is slightly embellished. A craftsman door design incorporates this principle by using panels or battens woodwork, window panels and sidelights modest game. The entrance around craftsman style front doors incorporates many of the trademarks of the craftsman architecture, including exposed wooden construction, natural materials and subtle attention to detail.

The craftsman style dates back to the early 19th century, when the houses smaller, simpler began to overtake the more ornate Victorian architecture of the time. Craftsman bungalow style remains popular among buyers of the working class home until after World War II, when the informal ranch style emerged. The craftsman style front doors style features straight lines and open interior spaces, and is distinguished by a large amount of custom wood. Carpentry Craftsman style extends from the interior shelves and wood trim for doors and exterior entrances of the house.

Craftsman style front doors acquire their characteristics and texture under the wood from which they are made. The door may have one or more recessed panels. Two height panels could run vertically along the face of the door, four panels may be arranged in two parallel groups, and other numbers or arrangements of panels are possible. A door can also be sables, an outdoor arrangement of parallel boards connected by a second level of the horizontal joints.

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