Curtains With Grommets Ideas

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Eyelet curtains not hung in the traditional way, with the bar introduced directly into the fabric. Instead, the eyelets allow the curtain hanging hook bar (or rod can be inserted through the eyelets). These curtains can give a new dimension to the style of any room in your house. Depending on what kind of material you have and how many shades you want to do, this project is quite economical. Curtains with grommets are easy to amide your window. Remember to add 1 inch on each side hem. The curtains look best if you do not reach the ground but long –Curtains With Grommets is your choice.

Place the material you’ve chosen for you’re Curtains With Grommets curtains on a hard surface and cut steps you took in the first step. Add a strip of tape curtain around the top edge of the fabric. Fold a 1-inch hem on the top edge of the fabric. Iron on them. Fold under and sides and repeat the same. Assist with alfilerer to keep the folded edge. Do the same with the material for the curtain. Curtain tape applied only at the top, as it will help to strengthen the fabric when you do buttonholes.

Sew Curtains With Grommets the hems on all edges of both curtains. Remove the pins as you do; if you sew over them could break the needle. Hold the curtain so that the back is facing you. With fabric marker, according to a halfway point of the upper hem near the edge. Center the rigid part of the buttonhole on the point and draw a circle within the buttonhole. Fold the material in the circle, make a small cut and carefully cut around the circle. Place the rigid plastic part of the eye below the hole and up the other side of the hole, and glue the two pieces together. Make more holes, so distant as you want on your curtains. When you have finished the last hole, you can hang your new curtains with eyelets.

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