Decorating Interior Barn Door Hardware

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To make interior barn door hardware, the first measure the opening. Cutting the lane size, twice the width of the opening. Determine which way the door will open. Use an electronic stud finder to find the frame inside the wall along the line. Place each bracket on the sets of pilot holes and drive a 3-inch treated deck screw into the wall through each hole in each bracket.

A one car to each corner of the door, 6 inches from either side, with its inner face flush with the inner face of the door. Drill pilot holes as done for the media, with a 3/16 inch.

Configure the window from the outside, centered in the opening. Screw of the molding around the window frame with plywood sheathing. Drive the fixing bolts that come with the hardware, down at the top edge of the door with a wrench to secure. See the instructions that come with the interior barn door hardware kit for details, according to your brand.

Sliding the carriage to the left on the right end of the runway, rolling in, and raising the right edge of the interior barn door hardware to slide the car right. Slide the end fixing screws on the track stops at each end and tighten to hold them in place.

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