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Grey hardwood floors – Convert the concrete floor of your patio into a flat timber can be done in just a day, allowing you to skip the hardest part of building a floor.  Designing the shape and size of your wooden floor. Those floors are available for your home and exchanged options to find the one that’s right for you. From hardwood floors to tile, make your story stand
Cut strips of wood treated only a few centimeters wide and long planned and the amount required for your particular plan. Place wood plates in rows on the concrete grey hardwood floors. They should be placed perpendicular to the adjacent wall in direction opposite to the beams. Once you’re satisfied with the layout of your apartment, mark the points where you plan to drill holes in the planks, the wood and the concrete surface is below.
Use screws wedge 1/4 inch (63 mm) to secure the boards in place, raise them a few centimeters above the concrete. You should use a drill for concrete to make holes in the concrete. Make sure the concrete surface is not in contact with the grey hardwood floors. Once confirm that water can be easily drained by the concrete under the boards, pinches anchor wedges. Paint or varnish your floor. When dry, your apartment will be ready.
Grey wood floors look great and can last forever, but they do require some special considerations. In fact, there are a lot of things that people do on a regular basis that contribute to their deterioration. Most people do not want to ruin their wooden floors, but if they do any of these things that are exactly what is going to happen!
If you want scratches and marks on your beautiful grey wooden floors do not use furniture pads. Whenever you sit on a couch or a chair that is suitable top of piece’s wooden floors will shift slightly, and legs will mark floor. When you do it over and over again marks will get worse and worse.  Use of furniture pads on all legs will prevent you from being any brand and will help keep your floor scratches free.
If you want to ruin your floors do not sweep them. It’s that simple. Liquid is an enemy of hardwood floors. Today’s wood is treated to withstand certain amounts of wet cleaning, but this does not mean that you should only soak your floors with a liquid cleaner. When it is time to wet-clean your floor (every 4-6 weeks, depending on pedestrian traffic) work in small areas at once and use only a damp cloth or a mop.
Rug pads are great for keeping carpets from slipping over hardwood floors, but wrong ones can leave marks and hurt your floor. Rubber backed carpets can shine from your dull floor, and even cause some discoloration. To protect your wood floor use a combination felt and rubber pad to keep your carpets from slipping. If exterior of door opens to right on your hardwood floors and you are fine with totally ruining them, then do not put a carpet next to door. A carpet is a cushion between outdoors and where you can clean dirt and dust that is collected in your shoes. If you walk directly from outside on wood floor you will leave dirt, sand and possibly make some scratches.

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