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Decoration Room With Commercial Carpet Tiles

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Amazing Bifold Patio Doors

Commercial carpet tiles – Every day going in and out of hotels hundreds of people, so it is essential to choose high performance floors that meet the demands of an environment characterized by high user traffic. Total Office, specializing in the supply and installation of floor coverings and corporate enterprise, has the carpets manufactured with Dutch technology to the highest quality procedures, particularly suitable for the needs of hotels.

When selecting the right floor for large commercial carpet tiles sites and continuous movement of people, it is necessary to address variables such as adaptability design, maintenance costs involved and to standards of both safety and hygiene as edification. In this sense, the carpets have become one of the right choices for the hospitality industry with features such as sound absorption, blocking dust, insulation and easy care benefits Total Office combines in its range of Group Eel carpets.

Features such as tissue type and composition of the commercial carpet tiles determine its strength and durability, and therefore the place of installation in the hotel. For areas with light traffic, as the rooms, carpets that contribute to the overall design of the room can be used. This is the case of coatings nylon cut pile low as Casablanca or Piccolo, the most widely used due to its value. For high traffic areas such as reception hall and the carpet tiles provide major advantages: Change damaged tiles individually and access raised floors for maintenance. This is the model example Reykjavik, a modular loop pile carpet gauge 1/10 “and composed of 100% poly amide, characteristics that make it resistant to daily use product.

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