Decorative Industrial Shelf Brackets Antique

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Industrial Shelf Brackets With Drawer

Functionally decorative industrial shelf brackets give antique touch to your room with attractive color and texture. Metal is always best piece. Supporting shelf is one of the functions of the brackets. Both of the shelf sides are for granted in making sure about steady and strong design at reliable quality. L shaped is most popular with industrial look that typically screwed into the walls where the shelf is sitting on the brackets’ top. Decorative types with ornate metal, iron, brass and other metals are available in different design and scrolls. Shelving system can simply be added with decorative touch.

Heavy duty is wonderfully featured as well that I dare to say about pleasing to the eyes shelf decor. There are also different materials like polymers, ceramics and other composite. When it comes to installation, it can be a pretty simple way of process. You will just have to need a screw driver, a tape measure, a drill, a stud finder and hardware for installation.

Space between walls and where will be located studs should be put in mind. Ask for advices from professional to get some more references about the installation. Since of the strong and sturdy material of the shelf brackets, you can create a tiered design that really interesting in adding more functions. Decorative and functional shelves are yours to use.

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