Design Patio Door With Dog Door

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Modern Patio Door With Dog Door

Patio door with dog door – Keeping your home safe is important, and so is the convenience of letting your pet go outside when the need arises. The installation of a dog door in your sliding glass door is not only profitable but also takes little time and effort to do so. You can install a panel latch to deter thieves and you can also take the dog’s door with you if you move out of your home.

Measure your patio door with dog door to make sure that the height will match the height of your patio panel kit before purchase. Determine the height of your pet as a pet door that is too small for your pet can be harmful. Pet’s weight and size is printed on the kit boxes with regard to consumer comfort. Remove the door from the patio panel of the box. Open the sliding glass door and place the upper part of the patio panel in the groove of the sliding track. The dog slat door must be at the bottom.

Then for install patio door with dog door, compress the height adjustment spring by using both hands to gently push up on the patio panel as it is placed at the end of the tail on the lower track. Place the patio panel evenly in place on the tracks and push it against the door frame. To check the deficiencies and the seat of your patio panel firmly to eliminate any gap.

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