Determining The Size Of Leaning Wall Mirror

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A leaning wall mirror is a large mirror that is not to be hung on a wall. Instead, a tilted mirror leans against a wall and acts a bit like a mirror standing. To determine the size of the tilted mirror you need, measure the length and width of the corridor wall. Its mirror will tilt of 3-5 inches from the wall. Instructions to determining the size of leaning wall mirror. Set up a ladder near the corridor wall where it is expected to place the tilted mirror.

Ask an assistant to hold the ladder in place. Raise on the stairs. Place the measuring tape at the top of the wall and measure all the way to the bottom. Then measure the width of the wall. Enter your measure. This will help you determine the length and width of the inclined mirrors that are compatible with wall space.

Leaning wall mirror helps us to see ourselves in the mirror. Leaning wall mirror allows us to see the whole body. This mirrors commonly installed in strategic places such as in the corridor. Installation of glass is also very easy and does not take long. We can get leaning wall mirror in shops providing household items.

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