Diy Mirror Screen Room Divider

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To use a privacy screen room divider or to hide an unsightly section of your room as a home office in a living area, a room divider size of usable space in the room is reduced and probably make the room feel a little messy too. Sand the edges of the panels of pine, the first of them and then paint the edges. Consider using silver paint as it matches well with mirrors.

Place the three panels on the ground, all in a row. Check that the panels are properly aligned long straight edge placed underneath the screen room divider panels. Set two hinges at the top of the gap between two panels, hinge placing a 1 foot from the bottom and the other hinge 1 foot from the top. Mark the location of the holes in the hinge screws “with a pencil.

Pilot holes 4 drill where he made his marks. Attach the hinges to the screen room divider panels using pilot holes and hardware included with the hinges.Turn the two panels attached to their backs and leave the other panel immediately. Place the remaining the central panel with the same technique used to attach the first two panels panel.

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