Driftwood Wall Decor

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As they do in the rich deposits, fishing accessories, beach glass, wood and more. Driftwood is a particularly versatile. It can be found in the sandy and rocky shores as, in pieces ranging from an inch or two of whole logs. A selection of short pieces can be easily transformed into a decorative wreath for your door or wall. Collect dozens of small pieces of wood, ranging from 2 inches to 10 inches or more in length. You cannot use, but it is easier to build an interesting crown if you have a lot of- Driftwood Wall Decor options.

Place a large sheet of driftwood wall decor paper or cardboard on the floor and using a heavy felt-tip pen to draw a circle the size you want your crown. Use this as a guide as you work. Choose from 10 to 20 pieces of wood, each about the same length. Place around the circle that has drawn, arranging them in a double ring with one inside the other, about an inch apart. Place one of the longer pieces of wood on top of the double ring, so that it passes through both rings at each end. Glue in place with a hot glue gun. Repeat this process at the bottom of the crown.

Glue small pieces of wood driftwood wall decor diagonally across the ring, overlapping the original double ring and anchor their pieces in place. Turn the crown, and apply the strongest wood glue at each joint. Allow the wood glue care for 24 hours before proceeding. Resume paste piece crown the next day with the hot glue gun. Place the pieces to create a complete appearance, using shorter segments to fill the spaces between the larger pieces of wood.

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