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Exclusive Acacia Hardwood Flooring

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Acacia hardwood flooring has a warm note like colors. Like nuts scale reverses in its color between light and dark brown with white hard sapwood. Acacia planks are away from walnuts. We have a technique to get through with reagent acacia more to deeper warm brown tones of nuts which gives wood an even more intense experience and soft reddish tones disappear. Acacia is also resistant to abuse by powerful parrot beak. Bird owners should only buy safe and non-toxic products, because birds have very sensitive respiratory systems.
In world there are more than 1,000 species of acacia family. We opt for Asian variant of warm notes tone carries. Hardness of acacia is similar to that of walnuts. Acacia hardwood flooring has to leave property a good color with colored oil. A dark wenge or even a whitewash is very possible.
Furniture manufacturers choose to make products of acacia wood due to its sturdy structure. Furniture made of acacia wood is generally a solid construction and last a long time. This makes a perfect acacia wood for outdoor furniture. Acacia wood is a good choice for making hardwood floors. Many experts acacia hardwood flooring recommended for improving design of a room. As an alternative to traditional wood flooring, acacia provides a more exotic presentation.

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