Exclusive Hickory Wood Floors

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Cleaning Hickory Wood Floors

Hickory wood floors – Hickory is a type of nut-producing tree related to walnut. Hickory wood is highly prize because it is hard, dense, strong and also impact resistant. Sapling tree is a white or cream color and then heartwood ranges from tan to reddish brown. Color contrast is so popular that timber manufacturers have start to produce hickory boards that have both sapling wood and heartwood. Hickory is widely used to make tools, furniture, sports and also cooking.
The combination of strength, hardness and shock resistance makes hickory wood floors, one of the top choices for tool handles. These qualities are especially important for tools receive a lot of effect. Hammers, axes, pick axes and hatchets are often from hickory. The strong wood holds up to repeated impact. And shock-resistant quality keeps people from sticking their hands.
Rungs are often make from hickory because the ladder lungs endure much influence as people climbing up and down. Strength is also important because rungs must be able to keep the weight for long periods. Color Contrast of sapling wood and heartwood add visual interest to the floor. Enclosures can also fromĀ hickory wood floors and can easily fit in any kitchen design scheme.

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