Exclusive Nail Down Hardwood Floor At Home

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Nail Down Hardwood Floor Guide

Nail down hardwood floor – When we reform our home one of the most difficult decisions is the choice of pavements. Especially if we decide to put a wood floor because the supply that exists in the market is very broad depending on its placement system. Type of maintenance they require, quality and price. Although generally all wood floors are call parquet. There are three distinct groups: pallet on draperies, glue parquet and floating parquet (synthetic or natural).
This is the traditional system for installing nail down hardwood floor. The boards are usually from solid wood, elongate, and are nail to wood rafters resting on the level ground. The finishing treatment of the pallet on track is always done “in situ”. At the end of its installation the boards are stable, sand and apply matt varnishes, satin or shiny, according to the customer’s choice.
The variety of the nail down hardwood floor that is use is extensive. Being the most frequent: the oak, the beech, the jet, etc. The wood boards that are support on strips never come into contact with the ground. So it requires more height, but that hole allows saving unevenness in the floor. To pass installations or to place thermal and acoustic insulation.

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