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Fashionable Painting Furniture With Chalk Paint

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Painting Furniture With Chalk Paint Design

I propose a concept that will greatly brighten back to school: choose an area of your home. Now, I transform it giving it a soft, glossy and silky, and relaxing pastel color. How Applying painting furniture with chalk paint

Painting furniture with chalk paint is fashionable because it is extremely easy to apply and gives your rooms a touch of trend vintage, shabby chic, Nordic. As its base is water, it is not toxic, it does not smell and can mix with other colors and acrylic paints. Furthermore, it does not crack and does not require primer painted surfaces. Come on, it’s perfect painting if do not have much (or any) experience painting.

Most important painting furniture with chalk paint ever before something is perfectly clean: use a damp cloth and add a few drops of ammonia. Dry; apply a generous layer covering surface thoroughly. If this had many small details -for example, if you paint a braided surface such as mimbre- you can cut and lighten paint with a little (just a little!) of water . If you want to apply a second coat, before sanding very gently using a fine sandpaper you provide in your usual hardware store or DIY.

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