French Door Slide Lock

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The Door Slide Lock

Double French door slide lock that can be formed by any of the doors opening in pin hinges, like most of the doors, or may be what is known as pocket doors: doors that slide into tight spaces or bags on the wall, making all but disappear when they are open. A pocket style double French door is traditionally used as an interior door, while double doors that open on hinges doors pin can be either internal or external.

French doors are becoming quite popular and common options for patio doors, replacing sliding glass, especially in luxury homes and custom-made doors. These doors typically have glass double glazed for better insulation because it has a much lower rate of heat transfer to the glass of a single sheet. Because of this, it is much more practical to make an outside double French door slide lock with a piece of glass in each door.

One concern with the use of a French double doors and a patio door is to make it easier for someone to come in, because the two pivot doors and may be more easily forced open. Therefore, the modern improvements introduced three locking points where a door has a door slide lock that secures the floor and the top of the door jamb and a locking knob.

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