French Sliding Patio Doors

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Apartment French Sliding Patio Doors

French sliding patio doors – Do you hate the plain glass Patio sliding door, but it could not replace it with a luxury doors? Here is an excellent way to standard inexpesive sliding window or glass door and turn it into an elegant door/window (for less than $5). Note: this project originally done in a vinyl sliding glass patio door is plain, but the same process can be done for windows as shown in the attached photos. Measure the height and the width of the door/window and divide the area into squares with a picture of the same size. Use pencil door/window frame of reference signals.

Take the tape electric (choose colors that match the framework) and tense it stretch through the glass panels, nailing the ends according to the indications which make part of the french sliding patio doors. Long press on the tape on the glass. He cut the Ribbon and tuck the ends carefully against the door/window frame.

Repeat for each row in the grid. For the door, it may need a second person to hold one end of the Ribbon to the top of the door while extending up to the bottom of the door. Getting all ended up in a neat and cut with the exacto knife if necessary. French sliding patio doors done now and it will last forever (even in the direct light of the Sun) or until you want to return to their original state.

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