Friendly Fossilized Bamboo Flooring

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Fossilized Bamboo Flooring Living

Fossilized bamboo flooring – Versatile, environmentally friendly, durable , long lasting . Properties that make the bamboo have earn the nickname of vegetable steel or grass of steel. Bamboo has become one of the trendsetting materials. Especially suitable for coating the floors of our home and achieving greater comfort. A material that lends itself to the design. Suitable for any space, including moist areas or more traffic.
When decorating any space, the choice of materials is one of the essential keys. Not only is choose the material that best matches the decorative style. But must meet the needs of stay and give us the greatest advantages and amenities. Among the materials that set the trend in 2016, both for its technical. And ecological qualities (sustainable and fast growing wood), fossilized bamboo flooring has gained a niche in the design of pavements. And floors, being increasingly use by interior designers, architects and designers as an alternative to the traditional wood pallet.
Another advantage is that fossilized bamboo flooring is a material resistant to changes in temperature, humidity and also water. So it is a good choice to place in spaces such as the kitchen or bathroom, areas in addition to much traffic. Even in the patios, gardens or terraces we can opt for this material to place on the floor.

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