Function Of The Roof Flashings

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Roof Flashings Guide

Roof flashings – Using roof flashings is more efficient. The use of roof flashings can protect your home from heat. Also cold or rain and leaks. Flashings made of foil type with double aluminum. So, are the most efficient in thermal insulation for residential. Also commercial and industrial environments. The aluminum present in the roof flashing blanket will reflect the heat coming from the tiles.
Being an impermeable material. It also prevents all forms of air, whether hot or cold, and also prevents moisture. Only aluminum produces true thermal reduction, reaching 95% reduction. The roof flashings blanket, because it is totally impermeable, prevents the passage of water, directing it to the gutter. The foil roof thermal insulation consists of two sheets that line a raffia screen between them. Also forming a high strength and durable mesh fabric.
In addition to protection against solar radiation, it also prevents condensation on metal ceilings. Thus serving for roofs already built. Many thermal roof flashings insulators composed of diverse materials. Like foams end up having less efficiency for this thermal function. Since the coefficient of aluminum is smaller. In addition, the foam or aluminized plastics can easily peel off each other. Which ends up generating major upheavals and need for exchange?

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