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Garage Storage Ideas Diy

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Elephant Nursery Room

Pine boards are inexpensive and have a decorative look, if you leave the original finish or painted wood. Most stores sell home improvement pine pieces the right size and shape to create separate shelves in your garage. Garage storage ideas diy racks are a must if gardening supplies, tools, car parts or a variety of other objects in space is maintained. Make several shelves to organize your garage or shed and replace just one sheet of cardboard or other organizational system.

Instructions for garage storage ideas diy, Place two pine boards 24 inches long, 2 inches wide and 1 inch thick on a flat surface. Adjusting screw on the end where two boards touch. Use an electric screwdriver and screw a wood screw 3 inches across the board. Use two boards on each end. Repeat with the other boards of this size, creating four boxes for shelves.

Apply a thick layer of wood glue to the top of a frame. Press a wooden board 24 feet long by 12 inches wide with wood glue and secure it in place. Garage storage ideas diy, Repeat for each of the other rectangular frames. Place the wood screws at the top, screw the hardware through the top piece and into the frame. Remove clamps and set one of the shelves on the floor.

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