Garden Flower Plants Ideas

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Awesome Garden Flower Plants

Garden flower plants are both an art and a science, according to the horticulturalist Dewayne Ingram at the University of Florida. What shape your garden landscape takes depends largely on what feature you want your landscape to perform. Whether landscaped with shrubs, flowers or fruit trees, you can create an eye-catching display by incorporating some basic design principles into your DIY landscape project. Even the most appealing design will blur if you ignore the science of soil, water and sunlight.
Determine what your garden flower plants style will be like Japanese, patriotic, tea, scent, cabin or any other garden type. You can simplify your landscaping decisions and improve your garden appeal by selecting a garden type or theme and expressing it consistently in your landscape design element. Select colors that complement or contrast each other and surrounding structures. You can choose different shades and shades of a color, or plant pond a single type of flower of different colors. To create a garden-based focal point, plant warm colors, like oranges and red against a cool-colored background, such as a green ivy or a gray block method.
Define rows of your garden flower plants consistently. For a soft, natural design, create rounded edges and roads that rotate and turn gently through the garden. For a bold, dramatic look, choose geometric shapes, straight lines and sharp corners in the garden. Plant high flowers and plants in the back third of a flower bed, medium height plants in the middle and dwarf plants in front of and along the edges keep plantations in its correct proportions. A huge rhododendron in front of a small bungalow will make homes look smaller.

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