Glass Block Basement Windows

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Basement windows can let in light and brighten up a monotonous otherwise dark area. When you can see what you are doing, you can make better use of space in basement. Glass block windows allow plenty of light to enter and at the same time a very attractive appearance, both inside and outside. Even the windows of frosted glass blocks still leave enough light in, keeping anyone from being able to see inside the basement. Things you need Tape measure, pencil / pen and paper concrete saw chainsaw kits or other window –Glass Block Basement Windows

 Show glass block basement windows Mathematics Decide how big you want your windows are and measure the space where the window will be installed. See Tips for more information. With the right power saw for the building material from which the basement walls were constructed, cutting the opening of the new window from inside the basement.

 Caulk glass block basement windows between the areas where hardware is installed and where the parties fixing the window overlapping on the outer wall. Setting a corner of the window, using the supplied mounting hardware to hold it steady at the opening. Check if the window is level at the opening, and make the necessary adjustments.

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