Grommet Top Curtains

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Top eyelet curtains are flat panel’s eyelet curtain with evenly spaced holes along the top of the curtain. The eyelets slide over the curtain rod and provide industrial side of the curtain that is popular in condos and loft-style apartments. Any fabrics curtains can be used for this style of curtain but usually look better if straight and modern look that suits the style eyelet stays –Grommet Top Curtains.

Measure the width of the window and multiply by 2. Measure the height of the window in the top of the curtain rod and add on all sides and iron. Fold the folded edge less than 1/2 inch. Insert any sewing fabric belt under the folded edge and iron to create a hem. Repeat this on both sides and grommet top curtains the bottom.

Measure 2 inches from the side and 1 1/2 inches grommet top curtains from the top and make a mark. Cutting the fabric to the inside size of the washer. Place half of the washer on one side of the fabric and the other half in the other and press the button hole together until it closes with a click. Repeat on the other side of the curtain.

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