How Do Converter Wood Curtain Rods

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An old claw foot tub makes a beautiful focal point in a bathroom, but it offers the style that lacks in comfort. You can solve this problem by having a plumber install a shower head above the bath, but you also need to install converter wood curtain rods. Fashion yourself a rod using copper tubing to turn your bath into a modern shower with a classic look.

Converter wood curtain rods, Measure the length of the tub with a tape measure. Cut two lengths of copper pipe type equal to 1/2 the length of the bathtub with Hacksaw “M”. Measure the length of the front and rear of the bathtub, along the curve. Depending on the tub, both ends may or may not be equal in length.

Than Converter wood curtain rods, Cut two lengths of pipe equal to the front and back sides of the tub. Measure the width of the tub, on the front and back. Wear work gloves and bend the front and rear pipes in forms of “U”. Place the front and back of the side tubes using copper tubing connectors 1/2-inch and composed of cold welding. Insert four hooks stainless steel 1 inch ceiling directly above the corners of the tub.

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